Avon Valley Ferrets

Avon Valley Ferrets is a husband & wife team passionately dedicated to the welfare and well-being of ferrets and polecats. Their long netting and working ferret displays demonstrate how ferrets are worked when used for rabbit control.

Their main objectives are to educate people and promote all aspects of welfare toward these much maligned and little known about creatures as well as showing the age old traditional method of making and setting nets in regards to rabbit control within the countryside.

Their demonstrations ‘traditional rabbit control using ferrets and nets’ will include a brief history of the ferret and polecat, how ferreting was introduced including the various methods used with nets.

Ferret Q&A

What are the origins of the ferret and how long do they live?

It has been documented that the ferret (Mustela furo) was domesticated by the ancient Egyptians some 3000 or so years ago. However, no mummified remains have ever been found so it is believed they may have been domesticated by the Romans who used them for hunting. Ferrets are direct descendants from the European Polecat (mustela putorius).

What is ferreting?

Ferreting is a traditional form of rabbit control dating back many hundreds of years. The job of the ferreter is to cover all visible holes of the rabbit warren with purse nets and/or surround the area with long nets/stop nets then put the ferret down the holes to chase out the rabbits thus bolting them into the set nets, where they are then caught, retrieved by the ferreter and humanely despatched.

For further details visit Avon Valley Ferrets website.