Ben Long

Falconry with Ben Long

Ben Long Falconry Displays

Ben Long obtained his first Kestrel in 1971. At that time there were few falconers in Britain. He is a director of The Falconry School near Gloucester.

The latest innovation in the world of falconry is the use of radio-controlled “prey”, and in the last year or so The Falconry School has been in the forefront of testing these devices.

This year’s demonstrations will include:

  • Falcons ‘stooping to the lure’, with swing lures and pole lures
  • Flying falcons to the lure suspended on a kite or balloon

Ben will be bringing along a variety of falcons including a Peregrine, an American Kestrel, Harris Hawks, a Red Tailed Buzzard and an owl. There will also be a static display in the Edmund Rack Pavilion.

For more information on Ben Long, click here to visit his website