Gamegoer Gundog Training

Graham Watkins founded Gamegoer Gundog training Kennels in 1985. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with Spaniels, Labradors and HPR’s, training not just for the shooting field but also falconry.

Graham and Karen will be accompanied this year by Dave & Lex Rayner from Woodash Gundogs.

Their exciting, entertaining and very visual demonstrations will include:

  • ‘Training the Rough Shooter’s Dog’
  • ‘Making a start’ – choosing the right puppy and early training
  • Hawks, Dogs and Ferrets in the field

They will also have a Gundog clinic in the Showering Pavilion.

For more information on Gamegoer click here to visit their website

Gundog Training Q & A

When should I start training a young dog?

Serious training normally starts around 6 months of age

When should I take it on a shoot?

When it is completely trained and not before.

When should it hear a shot?

Generally around 5/6 months when it is more mature and self-confident.

Dog or bitch?

The preference for most is bitches as in the past they tended to be softer in temperament, however now many dogs have similar temperaments and are just as straight forward.

Does pedigree matter?

Yes – less likely to get problems in retrieving from well-bred puppies.

Should I take it on lead to gain experience on a shoot as a puppy?

No as this generally leads to too much excitement.

Train it myself or send it away?

Train it yourself if you have time but seek some advice from a good professional if possible.

How do I introduce it to a shot?

Very carefully, with a starting pistol at a distance to begin with whilst distracting it.

What do I look for in a puppy?

I like one that is active but wants to be with you and doesn’t appear too independent.

Live in or out?

Most of the dogs we train for people are pets as well as working dogs and so live indoors – this is fine so long as they live in a sensible and consistent regime with the family.