Wildfowling with Chris Green

Chris Green, the original ‘Cornish Countryman’ will be demonstrating hunting skills, with his own unique and entertaining style in the outdoor arena.

“As a small boy I used to watch my dad get ready for a shooting trip. He loved Wildfowling and Pigeon Shooting. Regardless of his chosen quarry, his shooting clothes remained the same; a very long raincoat, once popular in the fifties, a homemade woolly hat which he knitted himself, ( it more resembled a flat tea cosy!) and he often wore very short Wellington boots, which came up just above the ankle, pretty pointless I thought but he said he preferred them.

His Gun was an old single barrelled Duck Gun. The long barrel was pitted but was very strong. Its firing pin was a fraction too short and misfires were common with the old paper cartridges. Dad never used to think big where shooting was concerned, he literally couldn’t afford to. I can still remember the smell of those empty paper cases”

The outdoor arena will see Chris demonstrating the skills and thrills of this extreme shooting sport.  Chris will demonstrate his brand new camouflage tactics, which have given him the edge in outwitting the sharpest sighted and wildest of all birds.