You can bring your dog along to the event and there are a variety of activities and displays to take part in and to learn from:

  • BASC Gundog Scurries: Four scurries available – Obstacle; Multi pick-up; Pick & mix; Long Retrieve. £2 per entry.
  • BASC Gundog Tests – with M & M Gundogs £5 (1 entry per dog per day)
  • Gundog Training demonstrations with Mullenscote Gundogs
  • Terrier & Lurcher Shows with the Coursing Crew – sponsored by The Countryman’s Weekly’ Lurcher Show schedule and Terrier Show schedule
  • Family Dog Show Family dog show schedule
  • Terrier, Lurcher & Whippet Racing in the morning of each show day. Check in at the marquee near yellow gate
  • Samsalin Dog Creche
  • A variety of companies selling dog food; gundog accessories; dog beds and more
  • Gundog Parade (Sunday) in the indoor arena
  • BASC Gundog Clinic

More details coming soon

There are dog waste bins at the show. Please clean up after your dogs. Thank you
Dog water bowls are available around the show