Terrier & Lurcher Shows

The Coursing Crew will once again have the popular Terrier & Lurcher shows at the West of England Game Fair. Showing starts at 1pm. Entries from 9.15am at the entries marquee near red gate.

Terrier racing, Lurcher Racing and simulated coursing will take place in the morning with entries from 9.15am

You can download the Terrier Show schedule

You can download the Lurcher Show schedule

Sponsored by Countrymans Weekly

Family Dog Show

Showing will start at 1pm – entries ringside

Download the Family dog show schedule

Sponsored by The Countrymans Weekly

BASC Gundog Scurries and Tests

Four scurries will be available: Obstacle; Multi pick up; Pick & Mix; Long Retrieve – £2 per entry. BASC Scurry League, sponsored by Skinners Field & Trial

(No parking on site for Gundog Scurry Entries)

Tests for Retrievers and Spaniels with M & M Gundogs – 1 entry per dog per day