Have-a-go Activities

There are a variety of Have-a-Go activities available at the West of England Game Fair including:

  • BASC Gundog Scurries – £2 per run
  • BASC Gundog Tests as a competition or training exercise – £5 per go (one entry per dog per day)
  • ATEO Air Rifles £4 for 10 shots
  • Have-a-go fly tying in the Sedgemoor Hall
  • Clay Shooting with Bristol Clay Shooting – A 50 clay Trophy Competition on both show days. See shooting page for more details and costs
  • BASC Shotgun Coaching – £20 per adult and £15 per child. BASC member discounts apply
  • National Target Sports Association – Target Shooting: Fun shoot (7 shots) on a single bull or 6 shots on a competition target. Both £2.50 per go
  • Archery
  • Pass it on Young Sports – Computerised shooting simulator plus have-a-go animal calls (Sedgemoor Hall)
  • Really Wild Adventures on the Pass it on Young Sports stand in the Sedgemoor Hall – variety of games free of charge
  • Children’s Entertainment Area in the Edmund Rack Pavilion
  • Bushcraft
  • Have a go net making in the ferret area in the Edmund Rack Pavilion
  • Catapult Association (outside) – Airsoft 100 shots for £3; 20 paintballs for £2.50
  • Skittles challenge in the Sedgemoor Hall – £1 a go for 3 balls.  Cash price on each day available for the overall winner (plus two free tickets for the 2019 West of England Game Fair)