Bristol Clay Shoot competition results

Saturday results 


1st J Cartwright – 39

2nd K Brown – 32

3rd C Booth – 29


1st J Townsend – 42

2nd Baker, Newton & Philips – 40

3rd Brunt – 38


1st L Barnes – 46

2nd Webber – 43

3rd Waterman – 36


1st J Ham – 37

2nd J Heard – 25


Sunday Results 


1st C Applin – 44

2nd S Vivian – 30

3rd J Rossiter – 24


1st Jago – 48

2nd Webber – 45

3rd Luke – 44


1st Jago – 48

2nd Coles and Webber – 43 (no shoot off)


1st D Grose – 39 (after shoot off)

2nd Tom Hartley – 39

3rd D Carpenter – 38

Shooting at the West of England Game Fair

  • BASC Shotgun coaching: £20 per adult; £15 per child (8-16). £5 discount for BASC members. £10 for have-a-go. Minimum age 16.
  • Bristol Clay Shooting: 50 Clay English Sporting Competition – trophy or cash competitions (fibre wads to be used) plus have-a-go with instruction and equipment provided
  • ATEO Air Rifles – will be putting a have a go range on for all ages using top of the range BSA Brocock and Daystate equipment. There will also be an air gun fault finding clinic, so if you are not getting on with your air rifle, do bring it along to the clinic. £4 for 10 shots. Does include coaching and instruction. There will also be a junior competition for under 13 year olds
  • NTSA Rifle Range: A fun shoot (7 shots) on a single bull target or 6 shots on a competition target (5 bulls and one sighting shot) both £2.50 per go. Shooters getting all their 7 shots within the centre black circle of a fun target will receive an NTSA Top Gun badge. Adults scoring 40 or more and juniors scoring 35 or more on a competition target will receive an NTSA medal. All competition shooters receive a signed certificate. Everyone is welcome to come along and experience the fun of target shooting

BASC Shot Gun Coaching

The half hour lesson with a qualified coach looking at: Gun fit (if you bring your own gun); eye dominance; basic safety and shooting at clays. Aimed at beginners and improvers

£20 for adults and £15 (8-16)

BASC members will be entitled to a £5 discount on production of a valid membership card


Guns and accessories in the Showering Pavilion

A great selection of guns and accessories will be in the Showering Pavilion including: Anvil Arms & Angling; Bullets & Guns; Rifleman Firearms & more